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Hot and Dry

July 07, 2010 | 4399 Views | 1 Comments

If it's hot enough to blog about it, it's pretty hot isn't it? Lately we've had our second stint of days this year in the low 100's - and our plants have really suffered in this weather. It's bad enough to have the hot weather, but when it's so dry as well - it makes any chance of keeping a lush garden growing almost an impossibility without significant irrigation. And this year fiscally speaking, I can't afford to keep the sprinklers or soaker hoses running long enough to satisfy the thirst of my large tropical garden. The long term forecast shows some relief in the next week or so, but this is getting ridiculous. Spring came in quietly this year with our last frost well back in March, and for a long time we enjoyed 70-degree weather. Then, suddenly our first hint of summer arrived with a bang, pushing us well up into the high 90's and eventually into the low 100's. It seems we're destined to repeat that pattern this year, and it's not even August yet.

The elephant ears (Colocasia especially) have suffered the most in this intense heat. Most all of them have wilted save one taro variety that I'm pretty sure would survive a good spray with a good weed killer; it's a tough Colocasia. The bananas are terribly wilted as well though and many that were transplanted this year are struggling to establish themselves - which worries me because of our past winter. Many of my bananas did not survive the harsher winter we had last year. It was a rough winter (compared to the last few years), still well within our 7b/8a climate, but it was too much for the Cavendish, Orinoco's, Pisang Ceylon's, Ice Creams, and several other varieties I had in the ground. With a record snow though, I guess I shouldn't have expected too much this spring. Apparently we're destined to have extreme weather in both winter and summer.

Here's hoping the heat and dry weather isn't too bad for everyone else and their garden this year. Hopefully we'll see some relief soon... if not, my garden might not amount to much this fall like it usually does. Think cooler weather thoughts!

Response by: MusaLaday (Garden Admin)  on  07/07/2010  at  07:13 PM
OR think SUBSTANTIAL amounts of RAIN!

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