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Ladybug army

August 21, 2010 | 4935 Views | 3 Comments

Lady BugsI've been thinking ahead to this winter and am strongly considering the use of ladybugs for the control of both aphids and spider mites in my garage this winter.

I don't like using all the sprays in the garage, plus they rarely seem to be very effective for me. I've tried Neem and Soaps, it's just hard to fully cover the plants adequately because of their large size. I have a lot of palms I bring in for the winter and the spider mites always seem to feast on them. The aphids always attack my softer tissue plants like the bananas and such. I also have had a lot of problems with mealy bugs lately.

I have been reading and I think I may give the ladybugs a shot. I know they won't eliminate insets, but figured they might keep them in check. Has anyone ever tried them? I was thinking of ordering 500-1500 and releasing them about a handful a week at night when the halides were off. Hoping maybe they'll feast on the aphids/mealy bugs/spider mites and finally give my plants some relief.

I'll report back this winter on how this has worked, but I'm hoping this will prove quite effective if I release them in proper intervals.

Response by: Marthas Secrets  on  08/29/2010  at  05:05 PM
I have never tried the lady bugs but what I do use are lizards a/k/a Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis). In the fall I catch as many as I can and put them in the greenhouses. It gives them a warm spot for the winter and
I'm sure they never go hungry. Once a week I then spray with organics. I rarely see any bugs. It's quite amusing to watch them run and play. This will work for you too as long as you can keep your garage door shut. Another suggestion is to look for a systemic. You can find them at Lowe's or Home Depot. Add it to the soil when you are repotting. I think this will take care of the majority of your bug problems while overwintering your plants. Martha
Response by: Marthas Secrets  on  08/29/2010  at  05:07 PM
P.S. You can even find systemics for fruit trees now. I saw it at Lowe's earlier this summer.
Response by: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/15/2011  at  06:36 AM
If my evil ladybug army of the night doesn't work out.

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